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About Us

Founded in 2014 we are still a young producer and importer of best, high-quality products - preferably rum. For long time we tried to find a Premium Rum with our understanding of high quality and taste which may be imported to Germany and to the European market. But either the rum did not fit to our expectations or it exists already on the market. It was similar to the famous search of the needle in a haystack. The search has not been successful so far. Nevertheless, we continue to follow the principle of bringing only goods to Europe to which we are fully committed and which meet our specific ideas and requirements in terms of quality, taste and aroma. So we decided create such rums ourselves. Together with the best blend masters in the world we want to create beautiful soft rums with unique flavors. Everything in the context of the pirate crew around Captain Calico Jack Rackham. Further information can be found under "Our brands".


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We produce Premium Brands and are importing the best specialties from all over the World to Germany and Europe


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Our Brands

After two years of development we have created and launched our first new rum brand „Calico‘s Crew“. The World Premiere took place on the Berlin Rum Festival from 14.10.- 15.10.2017. The two first labels of the brand "Calico‘s Crew - Anne Bonny's Favorite" and "Calico‘s Crew - Mary Read's Choice" were able to convince the more than 2.000 tasting guests at the festival with a sensational success that was not considered possible. For both labels we focussed right from the beginning on interesting flavors combined with a fine mildness. And so we will do for all future labels of Calico‘s Crew. It is an ongoing search and development for our golden Label, which will become „Capt. Jack‘s Secret Blend“. As third label we released end of 2019 „The Cannoneer‘s Explosive“ which is an excellent rum with 48% vol. alc, but still smooth and lovely to drink. „The Cannoneer“ has a unique and undisputed flavour and taste of dark chocolate and is a must-have for all lovers of smooth and excellent rums. In 2021 we will relase „The Doctor‘s Tranquilizer“. The green label will become the most precious and so far oldest rum of the Calico‘s Crew brand. Classically matured for 21 years in bourbon oak barrels „The Doctor“ has a truely complex mixture of flavours. With a taste of hazelnut, nougat and other excellent flavours it is a truely indulgent experience for lovers of fine smooth spirits. For more details on the history behind the rums, product images and pictures of festivals and events, see www.calicos-crew.com All current offers for Calico‘s Crew you will find in our Shop.